Premier Maxi - Commercial Espresso Machine
Premier Maxi machine: for the demanding barkeeper that needs a commercial machine with a lot of functions, not bulky, and, above all, with a great boiler, in order to make many coffees, cappuccinos and warm drinks. In short, great inside (for technology), and small outside (for dimensions). Easy-to-use and with very low maintenance. A so particular machine is under your eyes.
Push & Pull Steam Lever.
360" Fully articulated.
Function Keys.
Dispenser Unit.
The PREMIER range - compact, ergonomic, perfect in every detail - personalizes and distinguishes the coffee-making area with elegant good taste. The casing is in stainless steel with other components in techno-polymers, a particularly resistant, anti-scratch and hard-wearing material. The frame is in steel finished with epoxy powder paint, ensuring excellent anti-oxidation performance.
Semi-automatic, continuous delivery 
Positive displacement delivery, dosed, electronic (Mod. V). 
Built-in positive displacement pump.
Electrical heating.
Services: one steam spout - one hot water spout.
Electronic self-levelling as standard.
Pressure gauge with dual scale, boiler and pump pressure.
Thermo-compensated systems in chrome-plate brass.
Copper boiler and brass heat exchanger.
Epoxy-powder painted frame.
Mixed steel and techno-polymer framework.
2 Group Automatic Premier Maxi.  For more information and the best price please call (303) 936-6300 or contact us.
1 Year warranty on parts and labor.