MDX - Commercial Espresso Grinder
Standard model, automatic or semi-automatic versions. Creep adjustment of grinding with axial movement of the rotor. External positive-displacement adjustment of the dose. Flat or conical grinders, in tempered steel, with helical cutting blades. Control contact-maker for coffee deliveries. Low rotation speed for uniform grain size. Inspired by bio-design concepts. Special versions: Chrome, Gold, with dozer lever in die-cast metal.
Price MDX $ 590.00  (list price is $ 795.00)
MDX-A (Automatic) $ 650.00 (list price is $ 880.00)
For special version please call (303) 936-6300 or contact us.  
Shipping/Handling and insurance $ 49.00  
On returned items there is a 20% restocking fee.  
1 Year warranty on parts and labor.