Grinta - Espresso Grinder

  Grinta: electronic time-set dosing. The coffee is only ground when you want to prepare a cup of coffee. This is the simple yet ingenious function of the Grinta grinder-dozer unit. Let us explain by describing what you should do. Take the filter-holder, move it under the coffee outlet and push slightly: Grinta will start to grind the coffee dose selected by you. The advantage? All the aroma and flavor of freshly-ground coffee. 

For this reason, Grinta is ideal for the family, in the office and also in a restaurant, for a regular or decaffeinated cup of coffee. Grinta has a design to match any coffee machine. If you have an Oscar Professional, the match is perfect: a real coordinated style cafe' corner. With Grinta, your coffee is perfect every time. Comes in black only, Silver and Red. 

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1 Year warranty on parts and labor. Price $ 395.00