Ambiente Junior - Super Automatic Espresso Machine
The perfect mix between style and efficiency. The Ambiente allows even beginners to create perfect espresso beverages. Our two boiler system assures speed, consistency and of course the finest taste in the cup. The Ambiente is very compact as it takes only 17 inches of counter space. The machine's modular construction makes it very service friendly reducing potential downtime and maintenance cost.
Two separate hoppers for both regular & decaffeinated whole beans. Each shot is individually ground and brewed, creating the finest flavor in every cup
Two optional bean hopper extensions to make the beans visible to your customers.
The display is easy to read and will prompt the user with instructions and messages. Order espresso, hot water or steam at the push of a button. For a decaf beverage first push the decaf button, followed by your choice of espresso. Is the grinder running empty during a shot? Fill up the bean hopper and hit the reset button to continue. No beans will be wasted. Before closing activate the cleaning program with the cleaning button.
The machine is equipped with a 3 kW steam boiler generating a powerful continuous supply of steam. This boiler recovers while it steams, which saves you valuable down-time.
The steam wand, equipped with a temperature sensor, shuts off automatically at the ideal temperature, guaranteeing perfectly steamed milk every time.
The front panel houses a chip card interface, which allows for easy read out of dispensing statistics (i.e. cup count). Our service technicians use if for troubleshooting and calibration saving valuable potential on-site labor charges.    
  • 3kW steam boiler heats up 32oz of milk in 2 minutes
  • 1kW espresso/hot water boiler makes up to 40 espresso shot per hour
  • 8 programmable selections
  • Dual integrated grinders (regular and decaf beans)
Ambiente Jr.  Includes 1 year limited warranty* parts and labor and a 1 year service contract with onsite installation and 2 tune-up during the first year.  For more information and the best price please call (303) 936-6300 or contact us.

* Limited warranty: 1 year or 20,000 cycles, which ever comes first.